practipago startup website

Practipago is a master at mixing vivid colors in a scheme that’s very pleasing to the eye. From purple and turquoise to white (and gray, and pink, and more) – it’s all done strategically to achieve professionalism but with a creative tweak. Additionally, this business website also uses the gradient effect for an added oomph.

6. YouEngage (Blue & white)

Built with: Elementor

youengage startup website

7. ebulletins (White, yellow & teal blue)

Built with: Elementor

ebulletins startup website

ebulletins uses a fantastic color scheme for its website, using white and teal blue with yellow details for branding. It’s a captivating blend of shades that creates an enjoyable user experience. Plus, using hover effects that change elements’ colors is a lovely feature.

charlie marie

While the purple and lavender colors create a harmonious ambiance, the teal call-to-action buttons appear front and center, making them more clickable. This is a great strategy to make CTAs more noticeable.

scarlet spa hotel website

Luxurious and elegant are the two characteristics of the Scarlet hotel website‘s color palette. The dark red, light gray and white take you on a journey of experiencing their location and services immersively via their superb (but clean) online presence.

All three colors complement each other smartly, with hints of pink, green and dark “salmon.”

22. CitrusAd (Grayish, lime & white)

Built with: Elementor

citrusad consulting website

If you use detailing strategically, you can elevate your website’s user experience tremendously. In the CitrusAd case, that would be lime green which goes really well with grayish and white sections. While the latter two are more on the dull side, the lime green makes the page much more exciting to scroll.

23. S Kaba Consulting (White & blue)

Built with: Wix

s kaba consulting website

White and blue are heavily associated with the medical industry, and S Kaba Consulting knows that very well.

They keep the design simplistic, using only two shades (except for the footer, which is light gray). Even when it comes to text, it’s white on a blue background and vice versa.

Freshminds knows how to create a vibrant website with deep pink, light gray and dark teal. The color scheme gives the page a professional look yet still has a fun touch that makes it very appealing. Professional websites don’t have to be boring.

26. iET SA (Orange, white & blue)

Built with: Craft CMS

iet sa recruitment website

You can strongly influence your visitors when using orange, which is known to be the shade of encouragement and self-confidence. Moreover, white will make any text pop more, while blue gives a relaxed and calm sensation. iET SA uses the right color palette for a satisfying website experience.

27. Andrew Huang (Teal, deep pink & yellow)

Built with: Squarespace

andrew huang musician website

This is a color scheme you don’t see too often and is also one reason why Andrew Huang’s musician website grabs so much attention.

Instead of starting with yellow to grab the attention, the website begins with teal to open up and start the communication. It’s followed by deep pink that resembles kindness and love and then strikes you with yellow.

It’s a notable progression that, at the same time, expresses Andrew’s personality.

jones bar-b-q food website

The burnt orange colorway goes so well with a BBQ sauce brand. And in the Jones Bar-B-Q case, their orange tone resembles their sauce, making it look even tastier – yes, the website.

On the other hand, natural shades, like tan and white, ensure that the online presence is more dynamic and elements stand out more.

koysor abdul developer portfolio

Besides viewing Koysor Abdul’s online portfolio website to enjoy his work, he also applies his experience to his website.

Using dark olive green with plenty of white space promotes simplicity, elegance and earthiness. He then uses lighter green for the portfolio elements’ backgrounds, giving them the necessary shine without distraction.

And then the burnt orange to warmly welcome you to contact him.