AirBnB at Tighban
(White House)


Using Google Maps is easiest – enter the postcode EH5 2AN and set travel mode to Public Transport then when you get here look out for house number 8 (Fraser Crescent). Buses accept contactless payments. You need to use a different card for each person, and you will be charged no more than £4.80 per day for unlimited travel – see https://www.lothianbuses.com/contactless/

Getting to town by bus

Getting into town by bus is easy. Get on the number 8 or 9 bus from Granton Road (2 minutes walk from our house) and continue into town until you reach North Bridge. After the bus goes over North Bridge (currently undergoing repairs), get of at the next stop then walk back the way you came to the Royal Mile. in the centre of the Old Town. Turn right to go up the Royal Mile to the Castle, or turn left to go down the Royal Mile to the Palace and Holyrood Park/Scottish Parliament.

Contactless tickets: https://www.lothianbuses.com/contactless/

From home to the no 8 or 9 bus stop

The numbers 8 and 9 buses go into town. The bus stop is a 2 minute walk from home.

From 8 or 9 bus stop to home

The numbers 8 and 9 bus come from town. Home is a 2 minute walk from the Boswall Green bus stop

From home to 27 bus stop

The number 27 bus goes straight through town and is an 8 minute walk from home to the bus stop on Ferry road.

Our top 5 things to do to get to know Edinburgh

1. Take a bus sightseeing tour

Get to know the city quickly - then decide where you want to go back to

visit Edinburgh sighseeing tours

2. Castle Esplanade

Right in the heart of the Old Town - views across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

visit Craig's 'Out About Scotland' website - a great resource

3. Royal Mile

Edinburgh's 'backbone' - joining the Castle to the Palace.

visit Craig's 'Out About Scotland' website - a great resource